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A woman is happy to be learning about breast augmentation in Sacramento, CA

Mommy Makeovers Aren’t Just for Mommies

Although the word “mommy” is in its name, the mommy makeover isn’t just for mothers. As a plastic surgeon who frequently performs mommy makeover procedures in the Sacramento area, I’ve seen firsthand how transformative this procedure can be for anyone who has undergone significant weight loss or other major body changes. If you think this …

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Woman smiling realizing there is another way to get her pre-baby body than working out

Working Out Won’t Always Give You That Pre-Baby Body

When I consult with moms about tummy tuck procedures in my Sacramento office, they often ask me about the possibility of restoring their pre-baby bodies through diet and exercise alone. It’s a common question for women whose skin has stretched and loosened dramatically during pregnancy and not returned to its original shape. Many misconceptions exist …

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Woman researching who is the best mommy makeover plastic surgeon

What Does It Mean to Be the “Best” Mommy Makeover Surgeon?

For potential plastic surgery patients here in Sacramento and across the country, finding the best plastic surgeon is a major priority. They want to know they’re getting the finest possible care, but sometimes aren’t clear on what exactly that means with so much at play. Since mommy makeovers in particular can involve multiple procedures, it …

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Ask the Doctor: Your Mommy Makeover Questions

More and more women are asking about the mommy makeover when they visit my Granite Bay and Sacramento practice. Whether they've seen it covered on daytime television, heard it discussed among their friends, or simply browsed around our website, patients find this customizable procedure appealing and they want to know more about it. These are …

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