Plastic Surgery for Folsom

When you choose the right provider, plastic surgery can enhance your quality of life. If you live in Folsom, you may not realize the Granite Bay plastic surgery practice of Dr. Wayne Yamahata is only about a 10-mile drive away. If you work in or near Sacramento, he has an office there as well. Dr. Yamahata is an exceptional board-certified plastic surgeon known for his expertise, results, and the respectful consideration he imparts to every patient.

Impressive Qualifications

As a top, board-certified plastic surgeon with years of expertise, Dr. Yamahata’s qualifications often lead plastic surgery patients to visit him from Folsom, CA. His notable credentials include:

  • Educated at USC and UC Davis
  • Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • Dedicated to the practice of plastic surgery exclusively
  • Extensive experience with a range of procedures and patients

Experience leads to exceptional results

Doctor Wayne Yamahata, MD

Meet Dr. Yamahata

A board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Yamahata has the skill and experience necessary to provide attractive results that look natural.

Meet The Doctor

Each Patient Is Appreciated & Respected

While it can be difficult to get enough time and attention when you see a doctor, Dr. Yamahata makes patient interaction a priority. He believes that the best results and surgical experiences happen by fully understanding his patients’ goals and making sure they have realistic expectations. Over the course of his career, Dr. Yamahata has provided quality, personalized care to more than 100,000 patients, many of whom come from the Folsom area. To properly serve his plastic surgery patients in Granite Bay and Sacramento, he:

  • Values being on time for his appointments, so patients aren’t kept waiting.
  • Dedicates at least an hour of his uninterrupted time for each new patient consultation.
  • Limits new patient consultations to just a few on any given day.
  • Schedules frequent follow-up checks with patients after surgery.

In addition, Dr. Yamahata is supported by a caring staff of professionals who are informative, accommodating, and responsive to patient requests.

Praised by Patients

Patient feedback is often an excellent indicator of the treatment and results you can expect from a surgeon. Dr. Yamahata’s quality and care are clearly reflected in:

2016 Top Doctors Sacramento Magazine

Top Doctor Award Winner

Sacramento Magazine’s annual list honors medical professionals from the Sacramento area in their respective fields — and Dr. Yamahata is among them.

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2016 Top Doctors Sacramento Magazine

Top Folsom Plastic Surgery Procedures

Dr. Yamahata uses advanced techniques when performing a range of procedures. Popular options, which may be performed individually or in combination, include:

Breast augmentation with the latest choices in silicone and saline breast implants.

Before & After Breast Augmentation Case 58 View #1 View in Sacramento, Granite Bay, & Roseville, CA
Before & After Breast Augmentation by Dr. Yamahata

Breast lift for a youthful, uplifted appearance.

Before & After Breast Lift Case 131 View #1 View in Sacramento, Granite Bay, & Roseville, CA
Before & After Breast Lift by Dr. Yamahata

Tummy tuck and mini tummy tuck for a smooth, firm, flat abdominal area.

Before & After Mommy Makeover Case 72 View #1 View in Sacramento, Granite Bay, & Roseville, CA
Before & After Tummy Tuck by Dr. Yamahata

Liposuction to reduce the hips, belly, double chin, male breasts, and more.

Before & After Liposuction Case 90 View #1 View in Sacramento, Granite Bay, & Roseville, CA
Before & After Liposuction by Dr. Yamahata

Mommy Makeover to rejuvenate the breasts and body in a single surgery.

Before & After Mommy Makeover Case 71 View #2 View in Sacramento, Granite Bay, & Roseville, CA
Before & After Mommy Makeover by Dr. Yamahata

Visit Dr. Yamahata’s online photo gallery to see more patient before-and-after photos.

If you’re ready to make the short drive from Folsom to meet Dr. Wayne Yamahata and discover all the ways he can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, request a consultation online or call his Granite Bay office at (916) 773-5559 today.