What Does It Mean to Be the “Best” Mommy Makeover Surgeon?

Woman researching who is the best mommy makeover plastic surgeon

For potential plastic surgery patients here in Sacramento and across the country, finding the best plastic surgeon is a major priority. They want to know they’re getting the finest possible care, but sometimes aren’t clear on what exactly that means with so much at play.
Since mommy makeovers in particular can involve multiple procedures, it may seem difficult to determine which criteria are most important in assessing a surgeon. Should you choose the doctor most skilled in liposuction? Breast lifts? Mommy makeovers as a whole? How can you be sure your surgeon is truly the best?

What to Look for in a Surgeon

Though mommy makeovers are customizable and can involve a range of procedures, the most standard and significant are breast enhancement and tummy tucks. These are performed on a majority of patients, so it’s essential to be sure the surgeon you choose is a master of both.
To accurately understand a surgeon’s abilities, looking at their breast lift, breast augmentation and tummy tuck before-and-after photo galleries separately is a must. A great mommy makeover surgeon will be excellent at performing each of these surgeries on their own. When it comes to combining them, you will know that no matter which procedures you opt for during your makeover, your surgeon will be qualified, prepared, and excited to give you results you’ll love.

What “Best” Means to You

The word “best” can mean different things for different people, so it’s important to consider what that title means to you. Does it mean delivering the best results? Offering the best technology? Having the best facility, personality, or rapport? During your consultation, you should be prepared to ask your surgeon questions about the factors that matter most to you. This will ensure you make an informed decision catered to your specific needs.
Personality may also come into play as you make your choice. The best surgeon for one woman’s style and identity may not be the best for you. The most important thing in this realm is selecting a surgeon who is attentive, receptive, and aligned with the goals you have for yourself and your body.

The Non-Negotiables

No matter which criteria you judge by or which factors weigh heaviest in your choice, one standard should always be the same. Your surgeon should be board certified. Ideally, he or she should also be a member of The Aesthetic Society. These credentials are a must when it comes to seeking safe, skilled surgical treatment.

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