Working Out Won’t Always Give You That Pre-Baby Body

Woman smiling realizing there is another way to get her pre-baby body than working out

When I consult with moms about tummy tuck procedures in my Sacramento office, they often ask me about the possibility of restoring their pre-baby bodies through diet and exercise alone. It’s a common question for women whose skin has stretched and loosened dramatically during pregnancy and not returned to its original shape.
Many misconceptions exist around the subject of exercise and excess skin. The truth is, working out alone just won’t always bring back your pre-baby body. Some changes can only be reversed with some medical help.

The Truth About Tummy Tucks

In reality, loose skin cannot be tightened through any amount of exercise. Working out can reduce fat and strengthen muscles, but this, unfortunately, does not have an effect on excess skin. In fact, it may even worsen the issue as fat volume is lost around the abdomen.
A tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck is typically necessary to remove loose skin left behind by pregnancy or major weight changes. It can provide a solution for wrinkled, sagging skin and separated abdominal muscles, and may even improve the appearance of stretch marks and c-section scars in some cases.
Great candidates for this procedure have worked hard to stay at a healthy weight and want some help in refining this specific area. They’re ready to renew their confidence and get back to feeling as young and vibrant as they did before baby.

Beyonce’s “Beast Mode” Method

In a recent Vogue cover feature, Beyonce opened up about her post-baby body and the reality of the challenges she faced, namely her “little FUPA” or “mommy pouch.” She embraced the change to her body, but admitted that when she was ready to address it, she would go “beast mode” at the gym to make it disappear.
The “mommy pouch” she mentioned is called a panniculus. It’s a dense layer of skin and fat that hangs from the lower abdomen, often after pregnancy or rapid weight loss. It, unfortunately, can’t be eliminated through exercise, but a surgical approach can make a dramatic improvement to the area. Going “beast mode” is great for overall health and fitness, but it just won’t do what surgical intervention can for the panniculus specifically.
Opting for plastic surgery can be an empowering choice for moms who are dedicated to achieving their pre-baby body confidence but are having trouble toning this specific region. My tummy tuck patients are typically thrilled with the way their procedures make them feel. They are able to breathe a huge sigh of relief after months of struggling to reverse this often frustrating change.
If you would like to see the impact a tummy tuck can provide, take a look at our before-and-after photo gallery.
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