Mommy Makeovers Aren’t Just for Mommies

A woman is happy to be learning about breast augmentation in Sacramento, CA

Although the word “mommy” is in its name, the mommy makeover isn’t just for mothers. As a plastic surgeon who frequently performs mommy makeover procedures in the Sacramento area, I’ve seen firsthand how transformative this procedure can be for anyone who has undergone significant weight loss or other major body changes.

If you think this surgery might be right for you, even if you’re not a mom, here is what you need to know.

What is a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover is a combination of procedures that are used to slim, lift, and contour the body. While you can choose the procedures you include, most people opt for a combination of a breast enhancement procedure, such as breast augmentation or a breast lift, and a body contouring procedure, such as a tummy tuck or liposuction. The surgery got its name because the issues it addresses are very common among women who have had children.

Mommy makeovers are popular because the combination of multiple procedures creates a dramatic transformation with just a single surgery and recovery period. It’s a powerful way to achieve a handful of improvements all at the same time, which is something that appeals to more than just moms.

Who can the procedure work well for?

Anyone who has experienced significant weight fluctuations, has multiple body areas they would like to treat, and is now at a healthy, stable weight can benefit from a mommy makeover. Candidates should preferably be finished having children, because pregnancy can lead to weight fluctuations and abdominal stretching that may alter the results.

Men can also benefit from a variation of this procedure, commonly called the “daddy do-over.” This typically includes liposuction of the abdomen, chest, back, and flanks, along with some skin tightening as needed.

What is recovery like?

A major benefit of the mommy makeover is that it combines the recovery periods for multiple procedures into one, which ultimately cuts down on recovery time overall. You should plan on taking at least 10 days off from work, but the exact recovery time needed will depend on which procedures were included. A good support system is crucial, as you will have limited movement and range of motion after surgery. Organizing food, childcare, and household needs beforehand is a smart step.

Overall, the mommy makeover is a transformative procedure that boasts a high satisfaction rating on (96%) and can be helpful for a wide variety of people. To see examples of the results you can expect from the surgery, please visit our before-and-after photo gallery

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