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Breast Augmentation

As a woman, it's natural to want to look feminine and feel confident about the way you look. Whether you have always felt that your breasts were too small or they became smaller after losing weight or having children, plastic surgery can help you have the beautiful breasts you desire. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Wayne Yamahata provides natural-looking enhancements through breast augmentation for Sacramento, Folsom, and Roseville women who want a fuller bust line.

To find out about your breast enhancement possibilities, request a consultation with Dr. Yamahata, or call his office in Sacramento at (916) 929-1833 or Roseville at (916) 773-5559 .

Breast Augmentation Before & After Photos


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Breast Augmentation Before & After Photos

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.
  • Breast Augmentation case 103 before photo
    Breast Augmentation case 103 after photo

    Case #103

    This 33-year-old woman pursued breast augmentation at our Sacramento, CA practice with Dr. Yamahata to improve the shape and volume of her breasts. In the "after" photos, it is clear that her augmented... View Case 

  • Breast Augmentation case 102 before photo
    Breast Augmentation case 102 after photo

    Case #102

    This 38-year-old woman chose to improve the projection and volume of her breasts with breast implants from our Sacramento practice. In the patient's "after" photos, it's clear that her br... View Case 

  • Breast Augmentation case 152 before photo
    Breast Augmentation case 152 after photo

    Case #152

    This 42-year-old woman from the Sacramento metro area underwent breast augmentation at our practice with Dr. Yamahata. Compared with her "before" photos, her "after" photos show a marked improveme... View Case 

  • Breast Augmentation case 129 before photo
    Breast Augmentation case 129 after photo

    Case #129

    This patient desired a fuller bust line and rounder, more voluminous breasts. She chose Dr. Yamahata to perform her breast augmentation in Sacramento and now enjoys her larger breasts and balanced silhouette.&nb... View Case 

Breast Beauty Designed for You

Dr. Yamahata strives to have every procedure he performs provide improvements that look attractive, yet natural. That includes explaining your options when it comes to breast implants. Our Sacramento and Roseville patients who choose breast augmentation make several decisions that affect the way their breasts will look and feel after the procedure. During your consultation, Dr. Yamahata will discuss each choice with you to help you attain the look you envision for yourself.

  • Breast implant material can be either saline or silicone. Dr. Yamahata will help you understand the benefits each type has to offer. He will also explain other breast implant options including implant shape and profile.
  • The incision is usually placed in one of the following locations: around the areola (periareolar), along the breast crease (inframammary) or in an underarm crease (axillary). Dr. Yamahata will use other specialized approaches to accommodate a woman's unique anatomy when necessary.
    Periareolar Incision
    Inframammary Incision
    Transaxillary Incision
  • Implant placement beneath the chest muscle (submuscular) gives a smooth, natural look for most women. In some cases, Dr. Yamahata uses the subglandular placement, which is beneath the breast tissue but on top of the chest muscle.
    Breast Implant Placemaent

    Subglandular placement (above the pectoral muscle) is shown on the left, and submuscular (below the muscle) is shown on the right.

  • Implant size is decided mainly by personal preference. Dr. Yamahata will help you arrive at a size that fits your body and your lifestyle.

In this video for RealSelf, Dr. Yamahata shares how he helps patients find the perfect breast implant size for their bodies.

"I had a long awaited breast augmentation with Dr. Yamahata. I can only say this is the best result/experience I could've imagined. He was to the point, knowledgeable, and gave me exactly what I asked for. He personally called me after my procedure to check on me, that I appreciated. I did not feel like "one of many" I felt like the only one...Thank you Dr. Yamahata!!!!"*
*Your results may vary.

RealSelf review by Lizzylou82

About the Surgery

Breast augmentation with Dr. Yamahata is almost always performed in the comfort and safety of our onsite, AAAASF-accredited outpatient surgery center. Depending on the scope of your surgery, Dr. Yamahata may use either general anesthesia or intravenous sedation with local anesthesia. A typical breast augmentation requires between 1 ½ and 2 hours to complete, but it can take longer when performed as part of a Mommy Makeover.

While Dr. Yamahata is experienced in standard breast augmentation techniques, he customizes each procedure to his patients' unique needs. He begins the surgery by making the initial incisions in the areas you chose - whether along your breast crease, around the bottom edge of your areola, or in your armpit. Once he's made the incision, he creates a space within breast tissue in which to place the implant. This space is typically called a "pocket." Depending on your preferences, he may make the pocket above or below the chest muscle. He positions the implants, evaluates them for symmetry and size, and closes the incisions before bandaging them.

Combination Procedures

While breast augmentation can improve the shape of breasts that sag, Dr. Yamahata might recommend a breast lift as well, if your breasts have dropped significantly. This combination of procedures enables him to give you a more attractive breast shape in addition to increasing breast size. If you've already undergone a breast augmentation but are dissatisfied with the results, a breast augmentation revision can address complications and help you achieve ideal results

Many women choose a Mommy Makeover, where breast augmentation is combined with other procedures, such as liposuction and a tummy tuck, for a more complete renewal and a single recovery period.


When you leave the surgery center, your breasts will be lightly wrapped in bandages to minimize any discomfort. You will be asked to wear a surgical support bra for a few weeks to help your breasts heal properly. Dr. Yamahata and/or a staff member will personally check in with you after your surgery and address any concerns if necessary. You will also see him regularly for the first few weeks during follow-up office visits.

You can expect to return to your normal daily activities after about a week and more strenuous activities in about 3 to 4 weeks.

Your Next Step

Among all the choices you make before getting breast augmentation surgery, the most important decision is selecting a plastic surgeon. Dr. Yamahata believes successful plastic surgery begins with your consultation, where he listens carefully to your cosmetic goals and takes the time to answer your questions.

You can learn more prior to your consultation by visiting our Breast Augmentation FAQ page. If you have additional questions, Dr. Yamahata encourages you to bring a list to your consultation to help you remember.

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