The Invisible Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Dr. Wayne Yamahata

When people think of the benefits of breast augmentation, one in particular likely comes to mind first: beautiful results in the form of larger, natural-looking breasts. But there are other benefits to the surgery, too, including many that aren’t as easy to see with the naked eye. As a plastic surgeon, my Granite Bay, California-area patients often share their desire for these “perks” with me throughout their surgical experiences. These are the ones I hear most often:

“I feel more like myself.”

We all have our own idealized mental images of what we look like — and they typically deviate at least a bit from reality, mixing what we see with what we wish we would see. For many breast augmentation patients, the surgery can help to bring their actual appearances into balance with their mental images, creating true harmony between mind and body — and leading patients to feel more like their true selves.

“I’m having fun again.”

It might sound trivial, but finding the fun in everyday life again can go a long way, especially when it colors previously unpleasant tasks, like shopping for clothing. While many of my patients previously put off shopping for new clothes, they enjoy it much more after surgery.
They also feel much more confident about trying new fashions and taking sartorial “risks” that they might have not considered before. Fashion is supposed to be fun, and I love playing a role in making that a reality.

“I’m feeling better about my body.”

There’s something to be said for good old-fashioned self-confidence. While much of it comes from within, a procedure like breast augmentation can help expedite the process of making peace with your body. When you feel good about yourself, it shows in absolutely everything you do, whether you’re excelling at work, going out on a limb to try new hobbies, or forming deeper, more satisfying relationships with others.
It may seem dramatic to say that breast augmentation can change your life, but I’ve seen it happen many, many times.

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