The Subtle Breast Augmentation

Woman in red dress contemplating having a subtle breast augmentation

One of the most popular procedures I perform is breast augmentation. With many cosmetic plastic surgery patients from Sacramento and nearby Folsom and Roseville, CA, I can often spot trends or patterns in the requests I receive. Lately, I’ve noticed a surge in women looking for a subtle breast augmentation that will enhance their look without creating an over-the-top transformation.

I’m not the only surgeon to have experienced this. Allure reports that “tweak-ments,” or procedures designed to refine features rather than completely change them, are a growing trend in plastic surgery offices across the country.

A Subtle Approach

The goal of this treatment style is to create a “Photoshopped” or filtered version of your appearance while remaining true to your natural look. You will still look like you, but with slight adjustments designed to help you feel flawless and fresh.

With these procedures, the telltale signs associated with past plastic surgery trends are less apparent. Rather than flaunting heavily filled lips or sharply sculpted cheekbones, patients highlight their best features with gentle corrections and enhancements. The result is not an entirely new look but a rejuvenated and refined one that remains true to each patient’s unique assets.

Personalizing Your Breast Augmentation

The key to creating a natural look when it comes to breast implants is honoring your body’s natural proportions. Breast augmentation is a highly customizable surgery with a variety of options for each patient’s individual needs. Size, shape, material, incision location and implant placement all play a role in personalizing your procedure and ensuring your results are ideal for you.

You and your surgeon will discuss all of these issues at your consultation to ensure your choices fit your body shape and goals. (To learn more about important questions to ask at your consultation, read our related blog post.)

Customizable Implant Features

There are many options available to help you create the look you want. Some of these options include:

  • Material: Breast implant material can be silicone or saline.
  • Shape: Implants come in both round and shaped (“anatomic”) forms.
  • Size: Size is fully adjustable, and your surgeon can offer their recommendations for an ideal proportional size during your consultation.

You can learn more about customizable implant options from the American Society for Plastic Surgeons.

Incisions and Placement

Incision or scar location and placement above or below the pectoral muscle are further factors you can discuss with your surgeon to create an enhancement that is in line with both your aesthetic goals and your lifestyle needs.

Having options for creating a custom treatment plan gives women the freedom to seek a result that matches the proportions of their body and brings their dream look to life. Breast augmentations fit seamlessly into the trend of subtle and natural-looking plastic surgery enhancements, and women of every body type now have more options than ever for creating a shape they love without going to the extreme.

To see some great examples of subtle but effective breast augmentation results, take a look at our before-and-after photo gallery.

If you’re interested in learning more or taking the next steps toward breast augmentation with some of the best plastic surgeons in Sacramento, please contact us online to request a consultation, or call our Sacramento office at (916) 929-1833.

Originally published March 2019; Updated March 2021

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