Tummy Tuck: Why There’s No Real Alternative

If you’re like many people who are significantly bothered by the look or feel of a soft, sagging abdomen, you may have already spent some time searching for tummy tuck “alternatives.” You’ve seen them: the belts, the creams, the compression garments that promise to slim down your midsection at home.

But follow through with any of them, and you’ll likely come away disappointed. This is because a tummy tuck surgery addresses something that’s already proven resistant to diet and exercise: excess skin. Once that skin has lost its elasticity, only surgical intervention can improve it.

Special belts, creams, and garments often boast measurable effects on the midsection, but these products approach the matter from the wrong angle. While some topical treatments can have a minor effect on loose skin, the significant results that most patients want is out of reach without surgery.

Simply put: Skin doesn’t behave the same way that fat does. Unlike fat, which shrinks and expands in relation to diet and exercise, skin doesn’t. It can bounce back after moderate, gradual weight loss, especially in younger people. For older patients, patients who have had a baby, or patients who have had more rapid weight loss (caused by bariatric surgery, for example), you may notice that extra skin overstaying its welcome. By providing permanent results for such a frustrating, long-term problem, tummy tuck remains popular here in Sacramento.

And for many patients, there’s more to it than simply loose skin. After pregnancy, many women have a weakened abdominal wall because the muscles become separated and can’t recede to their previous state. This translates to a hanging belly pooch. Tummy tuck surgery works to correct it by tightening those abdominal wall muscles.

Finally, it’s quite common to pair a tummy tuck with liposuction, because there are often small areas of stubborn fat in the midsection. Together, the two create a gorgeous, cohesive result — one that’s well beyond what any home remedy can achieve.

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