Tummy Tuck Complications (And How We Guard Against Them)

No surgery comes completely free of risks, and tummy tuck is certainly no exception. It’s my job to be open and honest with my tummy tuck patients in Sacramento about all aspects of surgery, including the ones that may be a bit scary. I want my patients to have a clear idea of the possible complications related to abdominoplasty, as well as the steps my staff and I take to ensure each patient is safe and satisfied. Safety is absolutely paramount.

Generally speaking, today’s plastic surgery, especially when it’s performed by a qualified physician in an accredited operating facility, is already extremely safe. Serious complications arise in only a small fraction of cases. When they are present, complications are typically related to bleeding irregularities. Infection is also possible, as is an accumulation of fluid or a temporary or permanent loss of sensation around the incision.

If they do occur, these complications usually arise within the first 2 weeks after surgery. To mitigate this, I stay in close contact with each patient in the initial days and weeks following surgery. My staff and I regularly call to ensure you’re healing well and to answer any questions that may come up.

Patients are also scheduled for follow-up visits at regular intervals. This allows me to personally evaluate the incision and the healing process to spot any potential for problems before they arise. Additionally, I rely on surgical drains to reduce fluid accumulation and keep patients comfortable as they heal.

It’s important to note that complications occur in fewer than 5% of patients, so the chance of anything significant occurring after your surgery is remote. However, I value transparency throughout the surgical process, and that means making sure you are fully informed before going into elective surgery. That said, the evidence supports the conclusion that you shouldn’t let the potential risks hold you back from a transformative outcome.

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