Tired of Squeezing Into Shapewear? Try Liposuction

Woman in Sacramento, CA admiring her results after liposuction

When it comes to unwanted bulges and bumps, many women turn to Spanx® and other shapewear brands. Shapewear is an easy way to smooth out trouble spots and fit more comfortably into clothing. But these garments can also feel itchy, constricting, and uncomfortable. 

If you’re tired of squeezing into shapewear and want a long-term solution, liposuction is your answer. As a plastic surgeon in the Granite Bay and Folsom area, I’ve helped countless patients contour their bodies and feel more comfortable in their favorite outfits. Thinking about making the switch from shapewear to liposuction? Here are 3 common signs that you’re ready for surgery.

You’re tired of feeling uncomfortable.

Nobody wears shapewear for comfort or ease of use. Not only are the items a hassle to put on, but they’re also tight, sweaty, and can leave behind marks and indentations. Liposuction solves this problem because your new body will be naturally contoured. You don’t need to squeeze into a tight garment to look and feel your best.

Liposuction does involve a small recovery period, but this discomfort only has to be experienced once. After your body has healed, you can enjoy your beautiful results each day without any planning.

Your shapewear doesn’t do enough shaping.

Spanx works by compressing bumps and rolls into a smaller, more contained area. But sometimes this technique isn’t enough depending on the size and shape of your stomach, buttocks, and upper legs. Liposuction creates more dramatic, noticeable results by removing the unwanted fat from these regions.  It can also work on other parts of the body that shapewear can’t cover: the arms, neck, and below the chin.

You want a more long-lasting solution.

Your shapewear results only last as long as you wear the garment. As soon as you peel off your tight Spanx, your bulges and folds are back. With liposuction, you no longer need to depend on specialized clothes to look your best. Fat cells don’t grow back after the procedure, so you can enjoy your new look whenever you like—with or without clothes. 

In the end, shapewear only hides a stubborn problem that just won’t go away. While you may feel confident when wearing your Spanx, you may still feel worried and insecure once back at home. Liposuction allows you to solve this problem instead of trying to disguise it. Liposuction results are better than any temporary fix. You can feel satisfied knowing you have the beautifully contoured body you’ve always wanted.

If you want to permanently slim down your body and quit relying on shapewear, liposuction can help. If you would like to talk with a plastic surgeon in the Granite Bay and Folsom area, request a consultation online or call (916) 773-5559 (Granite Bay) or (916) 929-1833 (Sacramento).

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