Neck Lift, Facelift, Or Both?

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Neck lifts and facelifts at my plastic surgery center in Sacramento and Granite Bay, CA, can truly transform your look, especially when they are combined into 1 surgical procedure. During your consultation, I will evaluate your face and work with you to create a treatment plan that fits your specific goals. Before reaching that step, it can be helpful to do a little research on your own about the differences between the two surgeries and the benefits of combining them.

How do you fix a saggy neck?

The neck is often 1 of the first areas to show signs of aging, even sometimes before the face. Neck lift surgery can be a great option for individuals who have a loss of definition in their chin or neck, a loose “turkey wattle,” or vertical neck bands. Curious about what a neck lift involves? Read this explanation from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Does a facelift get rid of wrinkles?

A facelift can correct various signs of aging in the lower 2/3 of the face. Candidates for the procedure often are unhappy with laxity on the jawline or chin, wrinkles and folds on the nose and mouth, and diminished volume in the cheeks. A facelift is a great choice for men and women who want to add definition and volume to their faces. Check out our gallery of real patient facelift before-and-after photos to get a better idea of your potential with a facelift.

Combined Neck Lift & Facelift

Although a neck lift and facelift often correct overlapping concerns, they are two very distinct procedures. Alone, they can provide exceptional results, but when a neck lift and facelift are combined, they can achieve comprehensive and dramatic rejuvenation. Some benefits of combining the procedures include:

  • Balanced Results: If you are unhappy with signs of aging on both your neck and face, it may be beneficial to opt for the combination procedure. By addressing both concerns at the same time, your surgeon can achieve a smooth, balanced look between the 2 areas. When you isolate only 1 area for correction, you might find the untreated area detracts from the enhanced look of the treated area.
  • Lowered Cost: The cost breakdown for any cosmetic surgery typically includes a surgeon’s fee, facility fee, and anesthesia fee. If you decide to separate the procedures, you will have to pay each fee twice. When you combine the 2, you will only have to pay the facility fee and anesthesia fee once.
  • Less Recovery Time: One of the biggest advantages of combining procedures is that it will save you time. Since technically you will only be undergoing 1 procedure, you will only have to endure a single recovery period. Getting the 2 surgeries done separately will require 2 recovery periods, which can mean more time off work and other aspects of your daily routine. You can learn more about facelift recovery in this related blog post.

If you want to learn more about neck lift and facelift options in the Sacramento area, request a consultation online or give us a call at (916) 929-1833.

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