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Woman in Sacramento, CA admiring her results after liposuction

Tired of Squeezing Into Shapewear? Try Liposuction

When it comes to unwanted bulges and bumps, many women turn to Spanx® and other shapewear brands. Shapewear is an easy way to smooth out trouble spots and fit more comfortably into clothing. But these garments can also feel itchy, constricting, and uncomfortable.  If you’re tired of squeezing into shapewear and want a long-term solution, …

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Liposuction and your News Years resolution.

Liposuction: Your Best New Year’s Resolution Ally

Making a New Year's resolution to get in shape? Having a specific goal is of the best ways to help you see your resolution through. For some people, the goal might be to fit into wedding attire, while others may be preparing for a physically challenging vacation. However, not many people think of liposuction as …

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Young woman with long, wavy blonde hair wearing white bikini slightly squinting

Liposuction vs. Exercise and Diet

Sometimes my liposuction patients in Sacramento mistakenly believe that surgery will instantly get them the look they want — all without having to work out or eat right. While this is a common misconception, the actual truth is simple: liposuction is a supplement to a healthy lifestyle. Liposuction is a wonderful contouring treatment that can …

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