How Long After Breast Augmentation Can I Swim, Exercise, or Fly?

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Breast augmentation, like any other surgery, requires a recovery period. If you’re like most women interested in breast implants, you likely want to know how to navigate this healing process. After all, it’s important to give yourself plenty of time to rest and relax after surgery. However, by following guidelines provided by your doctor, you can return to activities like swimming, exercising, and flying as soon as safely possible.

By knowing what to expect during the breast augmentation recovery process, you’ll be able to better prepare for any activities you have planned. Here is some advice we give to breast augmentation patients.

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Before & After Breast Augmentation
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Before & After Breast Augmentation

Swimming After Breast Augmentation

Most women can get back in the water around 3 weeks after surgery. After this waiting period, the skin tissues have had time to heal and become more water-resistant. Also, make sure your incisions don’t stay wet for an extended period of time after swimming. Whenever you get out of the water, be sure to dry off properly and avoid staying in your damp swimsuit top for too long. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons offers additional tips about breast augmentation and beach season.

Although many patients feel mentally “ready” to get back in the pool or ocean before 3 weeks, it’s important to let your body heal fully. If your 3 weeks aren’t quite up this summer, you can still enjoy time with friends and family by only going waist-deep in the water.

Exercising After Breast Augmentation

Gentle movement actually helps the breast augmentation healing process. Walking helps keep your blood flowing and prevents post-surgical complications. However, more intense cardio exercises (such as running or weight lifting) should wait until the 6- to 8-week mark. Exercising in the water, such as swimming laps, should wait until a full 2 months post-surgery.

Be sure to wear proper supportive garments when exercising after your breast augmentation. They will help your body adjust to the new breast implants and keep you feeling more comfortable.

Flying After Breast Augmentation

Because there is little physical movement during a flight, patients don’t have much to fear about flying after surgery. But, to stay on the safe side, it can be useful to wait until a week after surgery so you can avoid any unexpected complications mid-flight. Stay as relaxed as possible during your trip, and don’t lift or pull heavy luggage. Be sure to get up every hour and walk up and down the aisle to keep your blood circulating. If you have any medications or instructions from your surgeon, be sure to have them on hand and easily accessible.

By carefully supporting your body during recovery, your breast augmentation results will heal safely and look their best. Browse our before-and-after photos to see examples of patients’ post-recovery results.

If you would like to learn more about your options for breast implants here in Sacramento, please request a consultation online. You can also call our practice office at (916) 929-1833 (Sacramento) or (916) 773-5559 (Granite Bay).

Originally published May 2020; Updated July 2023

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