Breast Augmentation Choices: To Lift or Not to Lift?

When I consult with women considering breast augmentation who have had children, or whose breasts have lost some of their youthful shape with age, the question is almost inevitable: “Is it possible to get breast implants without a lift?” This is one of the choices I help breast augmentation patients make at my practice south of Folsom.
In this third and final blog post in a series explaining the decisions breast augmentation patients have to make, I’ll discuss why a breast lift is — or isn’t — needed in certain cases. And I’ll review why, in some cases, a breast lift without implants is the best path.

Why Combine a Lift With Augmentation?

Some patients believe that breast implants can create a lifted appearance for their breasts. That’s rarely true, and if a patient’s breasts already show moderate sagging, the implants can worsen that condition. That’s because the purpose of breast implants is to add volume, and the additional weight of them will only pull the breasts down. A breast lift combined with implants reshapes the breasts and provides support for the implants.
I may also recommend a breast lift if a patient’s breasts are noticeably asymmetrical. Breast augmentation alone won’t provide balance between different-sized breasts.
Patients usually want to avoid a breast lift, if possible, because they’re worried about scars. I take great care to minimize incisions and carefully suture them to limit scarring. I also recommend ways to make the incisions less visible with time, including the use of topical anti-scarring ointments.

A Breast Lift Without Implants

In some cases, a patient is happy with the size of her breasts but disappointed with their shape. A breast lift can change the shape and position of the breasts. But even in these cases, modest-sized implants may yield even better results.
Finally, if the decision to combine a breast lift with implants is borderline, it’s good to remember that having both procedures performed at the same time is more economical because patients will only pay certain fees (such as an operating room fee) once.

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